Meet Marcus

In 1966 Marcus worked as a custodian for Pyramid Enterprises at Fort DeRussy in Honolulu, Hawaii.   This was his first introduction to the building maintenance business.   Years later, in 1974, he returned to Hawaii to work for Kleenco Corporation, managing the nightly janitorial services weekdays and the truck washing division on weekends.  This is where he learned and got involved in every aspect of the building maintenance business.  In 1980 Marcus and I started our own janitorial company, Quality Maintenance, in Green River, Wyoming.  Marcus always applied any new innovations in equipment and cleaning protocol that could increase productivity and morale.  He then fazed out of the janitorial business to pursue and develop DocSpot/Fibertech Professional Carpet Cleaning company, which is still going strong today.  Now he is applying his expertise to help me organize and develop One Source Janitorial.  Marcus serves as Sales Manager, as well as lends his extensive knowledge and skills to the training of and setting personnel policy for One Source Janitorial.

Marcus is a great asset to our company without him we would not be as successful as we are today!

Lyle B Petersen
President; 1 Source