Janitorial Services

One Source Janitorial provides the utmost care and quality of service to our clients.  We are constantly on a course of seeking excellence through technology and innovation.  We strive to be pro-active, as opposed to re-active, in our daily cleaning.  We want to catch the issue before you do!

Our mission statement

To create a clean and efficient environment for our clients that will improve their productivity and well-being, all the while providing a rewarding experience for our own happily engaged cleaning technicians.


  • Doctors & Dentist Office
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Child Care Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Banks & Credit Unions

Our Cleaning Process & Reward System

We have designed cleaning programs that enable us to offer a streamlined approach to maintaining your facility.

Our reward system keeps our employees knowledgeable about performing their work while making work fun and very rewarding for them.  We believe that happy and well-trained employees are the key to our business success, and therefore our main focus.  Another key point to our program is follow-up that ensures quality control.  You will see a major difference in the results we can provide that will reflect on your business image, while providing your employees with a better work environment.